One Final Glitch

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After the successful completion of my IT skills my communication skills have failed me in one respect. The fact that during this process I neglected to find out whether i could legally upload the video online, due to issues with Elena’s recording contract. This was a faux pa on my part and I must remember to next time make sure that there are no contractual or legal issues regarding the people I use for my music videos. Not that this has been a complete waste of time, it just means i must first obtain permission from Elena’s contacts to ask wether i can be allowed to upload the video at some point in the future. For the hand I will burn the video to disk and hand it in along with my video diary. 


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So following the difficulties  of burning to disk and moving movie files. I know that when it comes to burning my video diary to disk I will have to allow some time for formatting my video diary so that it may successfully be burnt to disk.

If this becomes a struggle like the music video I must seek assistance from someone who can help me convert and burn to disk. This will be me overcoming my pride and allowing myself to be helped with things that i struggle with. In time I will learn how to do this myself by research and visual learning but whilst I don’t know it is best for me to ask for help.

With the music video finished that concludes one chapter of this module, however my It skill will be used again during the Video Diary.

As for my communication skills though I have improved on my directing skills and my ability to give orders and instructions in a manner befitting of the situation. However I have discovered that I need to improve my skills in terms of asking for help when I need it.

My Specialist Skill has been very succesful I think, I have listened to the advice given and have noticed a vast improvement overall from the weeks starting this and overall from last year. I am able to listen, take advice and understand.

EDITING VIDEO – Moving Video

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So filming the video for `Say Goodbye’ was completed without too much trouble. I had enough shots and was  finally ready to begin the creative yet repetitive task of Video Editing. I was excited to begin to create this video into something that would be able to be shared and seen by other people.

The first task was having to upload all the filming parts into Final Cut and there was quite a bit to upload. So having uploaded the shots i now had to drag, paste and cut onto the editing board, Having previously added the song onto the editing line, it was now a matter of matching the video to the song.

I compleated the editing in one night working for six hours with a few breaks. The process of editing was difficult because some shots were timed differently to the song and this made the lip synching difficult however I overcame this by using slices of video to create a quick transition from one shot to the next.

I also used a transition called Dissolve  amongst three long shots to keep one shot in the foreground and let another shot dissolve so in effect Callum remained in shot whereas Elena dissolved from the scene.

Once it was compleated I uploaded it to my computer, this went really well however when it came to burning the movie to disk the movie lagged on every other computer I played it on and in some cases it wouldn’t play at all.

I was now distraught I had this video that I couldn’t do anything with. The file was too big to go on any external device I tried, even after I had compressed it to a Zip file. I even brought a 32 gb memory stick and it was still too big. Throughout the whole videoing and editing process burning it and moving it was proving to be the most difficult thing of all.

After seeking advice from a computer company they told me to format a usb stick. I used an 8 gb stick and formatted it to Apple Mac Os (Journal) I held a breath as I moved the movie to the disk to copy.

It worked and the movie was copied to the drive.


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After my singing lesson last week, once again we worked on Arpegios, starting from a lower bass notes and working up through the scale, my posture has improved since beginning as has my understanding of where i am singing in the scale and how it feels physically to sing correctly. Remembering to stand straight and keep my head up and allow the voice to gently do it’s work.

It also helped listening to Elena’s presentation on the voice and how the vocal chords work and vibrate whilst singing. I used this to think how my vocal chords work whilst singing and also how to take care of my voice properly.

I am now consitantly able to understand the relationship with posture, feeling, resonence and pitch.

It has been difficult re-training my mind, ears and body to work in harmony together to create the desired notes and feeling but i feel it is something that i have grasped and will continue to work on and use to effect during my vocal training and whilst singing.


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For my video editing i will be using Final Cut. This is a peice of software i have only used once previously and i would like to improve my skills on this software. I will be using Final cut to edit my finished fillmed video to produce it into a finished peice .

I have two weeks to edit the video after filming tomorrow before hand in.

I am optomistic that i have given myself enough time to edit this video and to learn the software .

Filming last week went really well, the shots i’ve got are in focus, in theme and in the stylistic componants that i envisioned.

Communication went well with my peers and there were no technical difficulties to overcome.

all in all a good day. Let’s hope tomorrow works out just as well


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Filming began last Thursday and went really well. In terms of communication i think i made a vast improvement. Directing gave me a chance to verbally communicate my ideas to Elena and Callum. Whilst explaining to them what I wanted from them. This included the shots i wanted to get, and the personal direction (for example: looking at the camera at a specific moment)

Communication came through well and i was able to get the majority of shots that i wanted. Most shots were short and i realised i am going to need to collect longer shots and film the full version again of the song whilst filming is compleated.

In using my communication skills I am allowing myself to learn to speak to people with authority and focus. This is something that I will continue to work on.

Tomorrow is the final filming day and the last chance for me to fully communicate my skills in terms of directing for this blog.

Once that is done I must begin editing.

My communication skill is specifically vocal communication, deligating tasks and getting my ideas across professionally.

The process of my communication skills have improved i have been very focused in what i am doing and how i am going to acheive this, I am using my communicative skills, between Elena, Callum, Missy and the owners of the location where i will be filming.

I have confronted a few set backs in the recording of the song Say Goodbye and also in the planning of costume for my music video, This has been due to time limitations and to equipment malfunctions and to my own time management.

In order to deal with these issues i have re scheduled and spoken to both Elena and Callum on what I will need from them. Callum has recorded the guitar part of the song and Elena will be putting the vocals in this afternoon. Though initially Elena had some problems with the vocal part I have advised her of the dynamics and notation of the song and she has listened and taken on board any information given well.

One thing i have encountered is reluctence from people and other people’s time management, this is a lesson learned  part of my learning process is learning who is reliable and who may not be. maybe this is due to myself not being clearer of my ideas or articulating myself properly, this is something i must work through during the directing process tomorrow.

I will be videoing myself directing tomorrow and then reviewing the footage to see where i need to improve for the next directing session next week